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Giant Tiger Mantis Shrimp - a naturally delicious seafood even better than lobster

Giant Tiger Mantis Shrimp - a naturally delicious seafood even better than lobster

The mantis shrimp is a delicious seafood belonging to the shrimp family. Its appearance resembles both a shrimp and a praying mantis. Typically, the mantis shrimp measures around 30cm, with about 15-20 of them making up a kilogram.



However, in the market, there exists a giant variety of mantis shrimp known as giant tiger mantis shrimp. These colossal creatures measure around 40-45cm in length, and only 2-3 of them make up 1 kilogram. This rare and limited quantity of giant tiger mantis shrimp results in a very high market price. Despite this, many food enthusiasts eagerly seek them out due to their unique and rare nature.


Numerous connoisseurs have savored this seafood and praised giant tiger mantis shrimp for its firm and sweet flesh, rivaling the taste of lobster. Despite its high cost, owing to its delectable flavor and nutritional value, many don't hesitate to spend on experiencing it.



However, due to the scarcity resulting from natural capture and limited availability, this type of mantis shrimp is rare and often needs to be pre-ordered at restaurants for tasting. Nevertheless, Dai Viet restaurant system consistently offers fresh giant tiger mantis shrimp daily to their customers. With modern breeding tanks and a professional seafood care team, diners need not worry about the quality of the mantis shrimp served.



The outer shell of this seafood has distinct veins, larger in size than lobsters, and belongs to the premium seafood category, available only in quantities equivalent to customer demands. Therefore, if you haven't had the chance to experience it yet, make sure to visit the Dai Viet restaurant system!



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