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Delicious Seafood Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City with Seafood Salt-Fried

Delicious Seafood Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City with Seafood Salt-Fried


With various cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, stir-frying, and deep-frying, salt-fried seafood is a favorite among many for its crispy, savory, and flavorful taste.


The Special Characteristics of Salt-Fried Seafood

The unique aspect of this dish is the perfect combination of the crispy, salty taste of salt or salt powder and the natural flavors of precious, high-quality seafood from the sea. Salt enhances the natural flavors of shrimp, crab, squid, and makes them even more delicious. Additionally, the meal is often served with fresh vegetables, lime, and fresh chili, ensuring that every diner is delighted.


Differences between Vietnamese and Hong Kong-style Salt-Fried Seafood

Salt-fried seafood in Vietnam and Hong Kong differ in their preparation and flavor profiles.


When fresh shrimp, crab, and shellfish are fried with Hong Kong-style salt, they acquire a crispy, salty-sweet taste and are often paired with a variety of diverse seafood specialties such as shrimp, fish, crab, squid, and scallops. The salt used in this style of preparation is essentially rice salt, which adds a salty coating to the dish, as seen in dishes like Hong Kong-style salt-fried shrimp and crab.

On the other hand, Vietnamese-style salt-fried seafood offers a crispy, savory, and bold flavor. It is typically prepared using shrimp paste salt, Tây Ninh salt, and various seasonings like sugar and pepper. Iconic dishes in this style include salt-fried spotted babylon snails and salt-fried sentinel crab claws.


Standard for a well-rounded meal

To ensure a well-rounded meal and food safety, selecting fresh seafood is crucial. Fresh seafood provides numerous health benefits, supplying essential nutrients to the body, reducing the risk of food-related illnesses, and bolstering the immune system.

However, when choosing fresh seafood, it's essential to check for any unpleasant odors, as seafood with a foul smell may have oxidized and lost its freshness. Additionally, inspect the seafood for vibrant colors and ensure it is not broken or cracked.


If you're unsure about the quality of your meal, consider seeking out a reputable establishment like Sen Đại Việt Restaurant for a dining experience. Here, you'll notice the difference as many of their dishes feature seafood sourced directly from modern oxygenated ponds.


Best Places to Enjoy Delicious Salt-Fried Seafood in Ho Chi Minh City

If you're on the lookout for a great place to savor delicious salt-fried seafood in Ho Chi Minh City, Sen Dai Viet Seafood Restaurant on Bui Vien Street is an excellent choice. They are committed to using the freshest and finest seafood for their dishes.

The cooking process is carried out by a team of professional chefs, ensuring rich and crispy flavors. Furthermore, the restaurant's purely Vietnamese ambiance and friendly staff will provide you with an exceptional dining experience.


If you're planning a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, don't forget to visit Sen Dai Viet Seafood Restaurant on Bui Vien Street to indulge in fantastic salt-fried seafood and experience the unique culinary delights of Saigon.
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