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Ca Mau Crab with Spicy Thai Sauce - A Signature Dish of the Seafood Restaurant in District 1

Ca Mau Crab with Spicy Thai Sauce - A Signature Dish of the Seafood Restaurant in District 1

The Sen - Lua - Bien - Oc Dai Viet restaurant chain takes pride in being a reputable seafood establishment, and now they offer the tangy and spicy Thai-style Ca Mau Crab, bursting with flavors. Visit now to savor this irresistible dish and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere at the restaurant on Bui Vien Street.


Ca Mau Crab - A Renowned Delicacy

Ca Mau, located at the southern tip of the S-shaped land strip, is famous for its brackish mangroves and seafood, particularly the Ca Mau crab. The rich and diverse environment and climate here have made the Ca Mau crab a nationwide delicacy.


Fresh Ca Mau Crab At Sen-Lua-Bien-Oc Dai Viet Restaurant

Being the finest seafood crab in Vietnam, the Ca Mau crab boasts firm, sweet, and meaty flesh, abundant in high protein content and very low fat. The mineral-rich habitat of this crab contributes to its exceptionally high mineral and vitamin content. As a result, reputable seafood restaurants everywhere covet this prized crab, including the Sen-Lua-Bien-Oc Dai Viet restaurant chain.


Ca Mau Crab with Spicy Thai Sauce at Sen - Lua - Bien - Oc Dai Viet Restaurant

As one of the finest restaurants in District 1, Sen - Lua - Bien - Oc Dai Viet proudly presents to its esteemed patrons a delectable and unique dish: Ca Mau Crab with Spicy Thai Sauce. Carefully selected Type 1 Ca Mau crabs, with large pincers and succulent meat, are used for this dish. The key to the best Thai-style sauce for crab is using live and healthy crabs, meticulously cleaned and blanched.


Ca Mau Crab with Spicy Thai Sauce dish

The ingredients for the Thai-style sauce are relatively simple, including pre-peeled green mango, lime, chili, lemongrass, and Vietnamese mint. With years of experience, our skilled chefs have crafted the most exquisite and authentic Thai-style sauce. The hallmark of this special sauce is the characteristic tangy spiciness of Thai cuisine, a perfectly balanced thickness with an enticing orange-red hue. These ingredients are enhanced when kept chilled and fresh.

Green mango, lime, lemongrass, and crab meat are thoroughly mixed by hand with Thai sauce until fully infused. The crab used for Thai-style preparation must be exceptionally fresh and not overcooked – a point of pride for our seafood restaurant. The succulent crab meat pairs with tangy green mango, fragrant lemongrass, and Vietnamese mint, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. The distinctive touch of this dish is the toasted sesame seeds. A sprinkle of aromatic sesame seeds adds a delightful aroma, along with a touch of lime and red chili, completing the culinary inspiration drawn from the Land of the Golden Temples.


Savoring the Crab Dish at Bui Vien Street Restaurant

Present the Ca Mau Crab with Spicy Thai Sauce dish before you, accompanied by a touch of beer and a few friends. Take a bite of the fresh crab, and its sweet and meaty flavor spreads throughout your mouth. Follow it with a crispy piece of green mango coated in the zesty and spicy Thai sauce, take a refreshing sip of cold beer, share a few stories here and there – a truly perfect choice for a relaxed weekend evening!



Customers enjoy choosing crabs at Sen -Lua-Bien-Oc Dai Viet seafood restaurant

Ca Mau Crab with Spicy Thai Sauce is not an uncommon dish, but it's not always fresh and delicious everywhere. Come to the Sen - Lua - Bien - Oc Dai Viet seafood restaurant, known for its freshness and delectable offerings, to try and experience it for yourself!

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