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Ca mau crab - Famous for its deliciousness

Ca mau crab - Famous for its deliciousness

The art of selecting crabs by the locals


In the region of Ca Mau, the skill of choosing good crabs is highly valued, especially among the local people. Ca Mau crabs are shaped not only by natural elements like soil, water, climate, and environment but also by the way the locals exploit the natural resources and their unique culinary traditions. These factors have contributed to the reputation of this special delicacy.

Ca mau crab - Famous for its deliciousness

Crab season in Mũi Cà Mau region and the "Best Crab Selection" contest


To truly enjoy the essence of Ca Mau crabs, one must know how to select the right type of crab and the best time to consume them. Each year, crabs go through two periods: "đông ken" (mating season), which occurs from the 15th day of the 7th lunar month to the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, and the windy season towards the end of the year. Experienced locals believe there are three main types of crabs to eat: male crabs (cua y), square-shaped female crabs, and oval-shaped female crabs.

Ca Mau Crab and Geoduck

Male crabs, when young, are called cua nhèm or cua xô, and when they reach a weight of around 400 grams, they are known as cua y. On the other hand, young female crabs are referred to as square-shaped crabs, and after several molting cycles, they become oval-shaped female crabs. At this stage, female crabs have less meat and no roe, and they need time to mature into fully grown crabs with roe. However, some female crabs may not develop roe due to various reasons and are called "deaf female crabs."

Sauteed crab with tamarind sauce

To choose the best crabs, the people in this southernmost region have their own secrets. They rely on their experience and intuition, for example, by checking the crab's roe to determine its quality. In a contest to find the best crabs, undersized crabs are released back into nature, awaiting the right time for catching.


You can experience the delightful taste of Ca Mau crabs from the mangrove-rich southern land by enjoying dishes like spicy crab salad with chili sauce and stir-fried male crabs with garlic at Vietnamese restaurant Bien - Oc - Sen - Lua Dai Viet on weekend afternoon.

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