Exquisite Seafood Menu for Vietnamese Women's Day Oct. 20th – Lua Dai Viet Restaurant
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Exquisite Seafood Menu for October 20th Celebration - Vietnamese Women's Day

Exquisite Seafood Menu for October 20th Celebration - Vietnamese Women's Day

If you don't have much time to prepare but always want to surprise your beloved women and family on October 20th, gentlemen should consider this outstanding seafood menu with a variety of seafood options: salmon, lobster, sweet snails, giant freshwater prawns, and triton's trumpet...

Exquisite seafood appetizers


To kick off the feast, Lua Dai Viet restaurant introduces mouthwatering and nutritious seafood appetizers.


Seafood salad

This salad is prepared using the freshest seafood like shrimps, crabs, squid, and greens. Combined with a delicious vinaigrette dressing, this salad will leave the ladies enchanted with its deliciousness.


Sentinel crab soup


An exquisite dish with the sweet taste of sentinel crab meat and the richness of broth made from bone marrow that will surely delight any woman.


Shrimp and crab spring rolls

Shrimp and crab spring rolls are not only intriguing due to the combination of squid and shrimp wrapped in delicate rice paper. The filling is also harmoniously blended with various vegetables such as carrots, shiitake mushrooms, vermicelli, wood ear mushrooms, and eggs.


The filling is finely chopped, mixed evenly, and expertly rolled in the rice paper. Then, the spring rolls are fried to a delightful golden brown, with a thin, crispy exterior and a juicy interior. When served with spicy chili dipping sauce or sweet and sour fish sauce, this dish is sure to leave diners impressed.


Main course menu on October 20th


After indulging in the delectable seafood appetizers, it's time for the ladies to enjoy the ocean-inspired main courses.


Salmon sashimi

Salmon sashimi is a fresh and upscale seafood dish originating from Japanese cuisine. Fresh salmon is meticulously sliced into thin pieces and garnished with sugar beet, a few slices of lime, and pickled ginger.


If you want to add a significant highlight and sophistication to your grand feast, consider including this dish in your menu and make it a centerpiece.


Steamed sweet snails with lemongrass

After savoring the sashimi, the steamed sweet snails with lemongrass is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a gentle and subtly flavored dish. When steamed with lemongrass, the sweet snails impart a natural aroma and its characteristic freshness. With its delightful flavor, crisp texture, and the allure of sweet snails, this dish creates a special culinary experience and makes October 20th an unforgettable day.


Baked lobster with cheese

The baked lobster with cheese will leave the ladies in awe of the exquisite taste of lobster. The firm and sweet lobster meat makes this dish irresistibly appealing. The golden, creamy layer of cheese enveloping the succulent lobster adds a delightful contrast in texture and a rich, savory flavor. All these flavors harmonize beautifully, creating a truly enticing and enjoyable dish.


Stir-fried triton's trumpet with cinnamon leaves

Triton’s trumpet, a rare delicacy, is caught and steamed immediately to ensure its freshness. Then, it's soaked in cold water for added crispiness and thinly sliced. Next, the triton’s trumpet is stir-fried with garlic, spices, and cinnamon leaves. Cinnamon leaves impart a subtle tangy flavor and distinctive aroma. With a touch of chili and green onions, this seafood dish is delightfully chewy, bursting with flavors, and highly enticing.


Grilled garlic butter giant freshwater prawn

Garlic butter grilled giant freshwater prawn is a delightful treat. Served with warm, crispy bread, this dish is sure to satisfy.


Delectable desserts on the premium seafood menu


After indulging in nutritious and flavorful main courses, it's time for some sweet treats.


Banana crepe

This crepe is made with bananas and fresh cream. When paired with chocolate sauce, it's a dessert that will leave you in sweet ecstasy.


Fresh fruits


The final dessert is a refreshing plate of fresh fruits, including strawberries, kiwi, and mango. Not only does it cleanse the palate, but it also brings a sense of freshness after the feast.


That concludes our introduction to the premium seafood menu to treat your beloved women at Sen Dai Viet Restaurant on Bui Vien Street. Come and savor this delicious feast to have the best experience in celebrating Vietnamese Women's Day!


Reservation and contact


To make a reservation or obtain more information about Sen Dai Viet Restaurant, you can reach out through the following channels:

  • Address: 226 - 228 Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone number: +84 326 882 441 – Hotline booking: +842888887888
  • Website: www.luadaiviet.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/luadaiviet
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