"Deep-Fried Crispy Red Tilapia" - a specialty of Vietnamese restaurant – Lua Dai Viet Restaurant
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"Deep-Fried Crispy Red Tilapia" - a specialty of Vietnamese restaurants in District 1

Vietnam is a land rich in aquatic resources with a variety of fish and shrimp, including the red tilapia. This is the primary ingredient that locals use to create a distinctive dish known as deep-fried crispy red tilapia, which carries the cultural essence of the water-rich countryside.


Deep-fried crispy red tilapia wrapped in rice paper and fresh herbs

This is a quintessential Vietnamese dish where the deep-fried crispy red tilapia is typically wrapped in rice paper along with various fresh herbs (lettuce, purple perilla, coriander, cucumber), green banana, pineapple, and sour starfruit. It's enjoyed with a sweet and tangy dipping fish sauce, creating a refreshing and flavorful taste. This dish offers complete nutrition and represents the culinary culture of Vietnam.


Simple method for making deep-fried crispy red tilapia

Just fry the fish in hot oil until the scales turn golden and crispy, then place it on a plate. Clean and prepare the herbs, and mix a dipping sauce of sweet and sour fish sauce. This dish harmoniously blends various flavors: sweet, sour, fragrant, spicy, rich, and crispy.


Deep-fried crispy red tilapia is favored for entertaining distant guests


Wrapped in rice paper, deep-fried crispy red tilapia is a favored dish for entertaining distant friends and relatives of the Vietnamese people living by the rivers. Each time someone enjoys this dish, it evokes memories of Vietnam's homeland with its simple and warm-hearted people.

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