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Bien Dai Viet Restaurant - a delicious seafood destination on Bui Vien Street

Bien Dai Viet Restaurant - a delicious seafood destination on Bui Vien Street

Bui Vien, not just a street known for its bars, has become a hotspot for seafood enthusiasts and those seeking diverse culinary experiences, accompanied by its lively atmosphere.


Culinary Delights on Bui Vien Walking Street


For a long time, Bui Vien Street has been renowned as a vibrant entertainment hub in Saigon. In recent years, this bustling nighttime street has also gained fame for its unique culinary offerings. People from all walks of life and from all over the world come to Bui Vien, making its culinary scene incredibly diverse.

From Western dishes to Mexican cuisine, from Chinese to Indian flavors, diners can experience it all on this vibrant street. With music and a lively atmosphere, dining here is sure to be a memorable experience. Moreover, the seafood dishes are exceptionally enticing and diverse on Bui Vien Street, making it a favorite and novel destination for everyone.

Fresh Seafood on Bui Vien Street

Vietnam boasts a coastline stretching 3,260 km, resulting in a rich and diverse array of marine life. From lobsters to various types of clams and snails, from various species of squid to countless fish species, they provide the Vietnamese with a significant source of food and economic activity. Seafood dishes in Vietnam leave a strong impression on diners from all around the world.

Food connoisseurs often prioritize choosing live seafood, but keeping them fresh is never easy. However, in the heart of Saigon, seafood restaurants on Bui Vien Street always welcome guests with their fresh offerings. The seafood here isn't just abundant; it's also transformed into irresistible dishes. When you visit Bui Vien, you'll come across many seafood restaurants, with one of the most renowned being Bien Dai Viet Restaurant.

Bien Dai Viet - a reputable seafood destination

The seafood at Bien Dai Viet Restaurant is nurtured in oxygen tanks at the ideal temperature and water conditions. Some famous types of live seafood, such as various types of lobsters like Alaska lobster, tropical rock lobster, green lobster, gudgeon, sentinel crab, Ca Mau crab, giant freshwater prawn, octopus, and more, are not readily available everywhere. You just need to choose the seafood you desire, and the chef will prepare it according to your preferences.


Diners can still experience fresh seafood right on Bui Vien Street and immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere here.


Signature Dishes at Bien Dai Viet Restaurant


Diners at Bien Dai Viet Seafood Restaurant are impressed by the following distinctive dishes:


Tropical Rock Lobster with Lemongrass Lime Butter Sauce


Fresh and sweet tropical rock lobster is grilled over an open flame, then coated with a special tangy sauce unique to the Bui Vien seafood restaurant. The rich, spicy, and slightly sweet lemongrass and lime sauce, combined with the succulent tropical rock lobster, creates a flavorful fusion that leaves a lasting impression on every diner.


Ca Mau Crab with Garlic


Ca Mau, known for having the finest crabs in Vietnam, offers a delectable treat at Bien Dai Viet Seafood Restaurant, particularly the garlic-butter stir-fried version. From simple ingredients, the chef transforms them into an enticing and aromatic dish. Juicy crab meat, fragrant garlic butter, a touch of refreshing basil, and you have a seafood delicacy worth savoring.


Murex with Cinnamon Basil Stir-Fry


Murex, a rare and large-sized shellfish, is a favored choice among seafood enthusiasts. At Bien Dai Viet Seafood Restaurant, these murex are prepared in a unique way - stir-fried with fragrant cinnamon basil leaves. The firm, sweet murex meat cooked with aromatic basil, a hint of spicy chili, elevates this dish to new heights. Dip it in some spicy green chili salt and enjoy it with a cold beer; the murex becomes an extraordinary culinary delight.


Visit Bien Dai Viet Restaurant at 207 Bui Vien Street to savor these delicious seafood dishes. Furthermore, traditional Vietnamese dishes and Western cuisine are also served here, making this destination more enticing than ever! Pick up the phone and call the hotline at +84 326882441 right now.

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