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Fresh giant murex at district 1 restaurant - stir-fried giant murex with basil

Fresh giant murex at district 1 restaurant - stir-fried giant murex with basil

Giant murex is a type of shellfish with a beautiful and captivating shape. Its shell is adorned with numerous sharp spines, giving it a rough texture on the outside, while the inside is smooth and glossy. These snails thrive in warm tropical waters such as the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. In Vietnam, this kind of seafood is often found along the central coast and on islands with coral reefs.

This rare species has long been renowned for its deliciousness and nutritional richness. The meat of the giant murex is crisp, sweet, and abundant in vitamins, minerals, and low in fat. Furthermore, it's a great source of protein and essential amino acids, making it suitable for everyone. Beyond its culinary value, the unique and exquisite beauty of the giant murex also makes it a sought-after material for handicrafts.


At fine seafood restaurants like Bien-Oc-Sen-Lua Dai Viet chain, these are meticulously selected. Skilled divers capture them from the ocean depths and store them carefully to maintain their quality during transportation.

While some restaurants steam the giant murex with lemongrass and ginger or grill them with spring onions or garlic, at Bien-Oc-Sen-Lua Dai Viet chain, we have transformed this nutritious seafood into an irresistible delicacy: Stir-fried Giant Murex with Basil.

Fresh live giant murex are quickly steamed upon capture to ensure their freshness. They are then soaked in cold water to enhance their crispness before being sliced into thin pieces. Subsequently, the snail slices are stir-fried in hot oil with garlic, spices, and, notably, basil. These leaves have a distinct aroma and lend a mild tangy flavor to the dish. A touch of chili and green onions completes this extraordinary seafood dish, making it a popular choice at the Bui Vien restaurant chain.

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