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Grilled Spicy Salt Bagridae | Vietnamese Restaurant Specialty

Grilled Spicy Salt Bagridae | Vietnamese Restaurant Specialty


1. Introduction to Bagridae

Bagridae is a smooth-skinned fish that prefers to live in strong-flowing rivers with waves and rapids. Living and swimming in such fast-flowing river sections has made bagridae firm, its flesh tender, fragrant, and sweeter compared to many other fish species.


2. Delicious dishes from bagridae

Bagridae is now considered a rare Vietnamese specialty with high nutritional value. What's especially appealing is that it has very few bones, making it suitable for everyone, including the elderly and children. From this premium ingredient, various dishes can be prepared, such as hotpot, grilled with ginger and turmeric, steamed with lemongrass, fried, caramelized with fish sauce, dipped in vinegar, used in sour soup, for making spring rolls, or in congee... The fatty, sweet, and nutritious bagridae meat enhances the taste of any dish.

3. Grilled Spicy Salt Bagridae

- Where to get fresh bagridae?

Bagridae for grilling should still be alive for firm, sweet, and fragrant meat. Additionally, the preparation of bagridae requires precision and skill. This process needs to be carried out carefully because even a small mistake can diminish the enticing flavor of this fish.

Therefore, when dining on grilled bagridae, consider renowned seafood restaurants like Sen - Lua - Bien - Oc - Cua - Nong Thon Dai Viet. Here, bagridae is freshly sourced every day, ensuring its freshness, firm flesh, and fewer bones.

- Preparing Grilled Spicy Salt Bagridae



As shared by the head chef, after cleaning, bagridae should be soaked in a mixture of white wine. Then, use a knife to make diagonal cuts on the fish body or cut it into circles as desired.

The skilled chef finely chops lemongrass, chili, purple shallots, and green onions, then places them in a bowl. Next, mix honey, oyster sauce, fish sauce, five-spice powder, chicken stock powder, seasoning powder, salt, sugar, and cooking oil in the bowl, stirring well. To achieve a beautiful golden color, you can add a bit of sesame oil for the fish. Marinate the fish in this mixture for about 30 minutes to allow it to absorb the flavors evenly, then arrange the fish on a grilling rack over the stove.

To prevent the fish from burning, flip the grilling rack regularly and use a brush to apply the sauce mixture to the fish's surface. When the fish turns a golden brown and releases a tempting aroma, it means the grilling process is complete.

Dipping sauce is an essential element in grilled fish dishes. To prepare it, finely chop lemongrass, add salt and pepper to a pan, and quickly sauté them on the stove. Then, add a bit of sesame oil and ground chili, stir well, and turn off the heat. Now you have a delicious dipping sauce to enjoy with grilled fish.

4. Enjoy Vietnamese Bagridae Grilled with Spicy Salt on Bui Vien Street


The delicious bagridae grilled with spicy salt, with golden fish pieces arranged on a plate alongside various fresh herbs and a colorful dipping sauce, is enough to make diners crave it just by sight.

Diners place a piece of fish on a pre-prepared rice paper with fresh herbs, green banana, pickled starfruit, pineapple, and a bit of tightly rolled fresh noodles. Then, they dip it in a moderately spicy and sweet fish sauce mixture with garlic, chili, lime, and sugar. The exquisite taste of this dish will make diners want more, even if they're already full.

When in Saigon, don't forget to savor bagridae grilled with spicy salt, which carries the unique flavor of Vietnam, at the Sen - Lua - Bien - Oc - Cua - Nong Thon Dai Viet restaurant chain. The restaurant is located in the heart of District 1, on the famous Bui Vien Street, not far from popular tourist spots and good hotels, just under 2km away. Contact them to reserve a table for 2, 4, or for corporate events and family gatherings at +84 326 882 441.
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