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Black Chicken with Red Pumpkin Stew - Nutritious dish at a famous Vietnamese restaurant

Black Chicken with Red Pumpkin Stew - Nutritious dish at a famous Vietnamese restaurant

If you're still uncertain about choosing a meal for your family that's both nutritionally rich for adults and easy to eat for kids, then the Black Chicken with Red Pumpkin Stew is the perfect choice for you. Visit the Sen - Lua - Bien - Oc Dai Viet restaurant chain to enjoy this nourishing dish with your family!


The Untold Story of Black Chicken


Black chickens, also known as "silkie," are a precious breed with extremely high nutritional value. They possess unique and distinctive physical characteristics. The entire body of a black chicken is black, including the skin, legs, meat, and organs, but they have white feathers. This breed of chicken belongs to the pheasant family and has five-toed feet. Due to their small size and distinctive black color, they are often referred to as "silkie" by the locals.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, black chickens are moist in nature, non-toxic, with a savory and sweet taste. They are suitable for nourishing yin, dispelling heat, tonifying the liver and kidneys, preventing bone loss, and combating aging. Despite their small size, black chickens offer much higher nutritional value compared to other chicken breeds.

Black chickens are famous for the stewed sweet herbal black chicken soup. This dish used to be exclusively served in ancient royal courts, reserved as a nourishing delicacy for kings and emperors. Nowadays, people consider black chicken as an everyday health-boosting ingredient. In Vietnamese restaurants, this nutritious dish is also served as part of meals.


This famous chicken breed is also present at the Sen - Lua - Bien - Oc Dai Viet restaurant chain - a great Vietnamese dining spot on Bui Vien Street. Unlike the typical stewed sweet herbal black chicken soup, the black chicken in our restaurant has been transformed into an easier-to-eat dish, while still maintaining its nutritional value. This is the Black Chicken with Red Pumpkin Stew. Nutritious Black Chicken is prepared with valuable herbs, creating the most delicious and satisfying dish among Vietnamese culinary delights.


The secret behind the nutritious Black Chicken with Red Pumpkin Stew is revealed.


The Black Chicken at Sen - Lua - Bien - Oc Dai Viet restaurant is carefully selected, meeting the standard size and weight. The Black Chicken arrives at the restaurant while still alive and undergoes safe processing. Other herbal ingredients are also meticulously prepared, including Chinese yam, wolfberries, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and corn. And the indispensable ingredient is the red pumpkin. Round, large-sized red pumpkins are often chosen to create this dish.


The red pumpkin is cut at the stem, hollowed out, while keeping the stem intact to use as a lid. The chicken is cut into bite-sized pieces and placed neatly inside the pumpkin. Then, each type of herb is added into the pumpkin along with a bit of water, and it's stewed for about 1 hour. At this point, the pumpkin serves as a ceramic pot, encompassing and preserving the sweet taste of the chicken and the medicinal flavors of the herbs. The sweetness of the chicken, the refreshing taste of the Chinese yam and wolfberries blend harmoniously with the red pumpkin, creating a delicious, non-greasy, and highly nutritious stew. In well-known Vietnamese restaurants, this dish is often chosen for family meals as it suits everyone.


The Black Chicken stew is perfectly cooked. Taking a bite of the tender and succulent chicken, dipping it in a bit of salty fish sauce. Furthermore, the sweetness of the red pumpkin and corn perfectly harmonizes with the herbs, creating a soup that is both tasty and easy to eat. This delectable dish is available right on Bui Vien Street, at this renowned Vietnamese restaurant chain. It's truly worth trying due to its full range of essential nutrients. Visit our Vietnamese cuisine restaurant chain to enjoy this special dish!

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