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Baby lobster stuffed with cheese - a delicious seafood dish on Bui Vien Street

Baby lobster stuffed with cheese - a delicious seafood dish on Bui Vien Street

Not all lobsters are expensive


Lobster is a luxurious dish that usually only appears at large banquets. Currently, in Vietnam, there are 7 different species of lobsters, with the 3 most common being tropical rock lobsters, green lobsters, and baby lobsters.

Lobsters contain a significant amount of protein and are beneficial for health. Tropical rock lobsters are ranked at the top in terms of nutrition in Vietnam, followed by baby lobsters. Due to their lower cost compared to other lobster types, baby lobsters are often preferred by diners.


Many people get to know baby lobsters when they visit the Sen Dai Viet restaurant on Bui Vien Street.

Baby lobsters are of a moderate size, about 0.3 - 1.2 kg each. Diners can enjoy a baby lobster on their own. When dining at our restaurant, guests are provided with additional information about baby lobsters.

Most of the time, people want to eat lobster but worry about the price. Long-time staff at the restaurant introduce diners to the restaurant's best seller - lobster stuffed with cheese. The staff here say that this dish is not only popular among adults but also loved by children.


How to prepare baby lobster stuffed with cheese


A baby lobster weighing around 3 - 4 grams will be suitable for diners. The ingredients for this dish include Mozzarella cheese, fresh cream, unsweetened fresh milk, condensed milk, and cheese powder, as well as sliced cheese.

The preparation process for this dish is quite quick, taking only about 15 minutes. The baby lobster is taken from the oxygen tank, the chef trims the whiskers, splits the baby lobster lengthwise, removes the intestines, and rinses it thoroughly. Then, the baby lobster is placed in the oven for about 5 minutes to cook.


While waiting for the baby lobster to cook, the chef makes the cheese sauce. They cook fresh cream, unsweetened fresh milk, and butter together and stir well. Next, Mozzarella cheese is added to the pan and melted, creating a smooth mixture. Then, a bit of condensed milk is added and stirred to combine.


Once the baby lobster is cooked, the cheese sauce is poured over the lobster's surface, followed by a layer of sliced cheese and a sprinkle of cheese powder. Afterward, the dish is placed in the oven for about 3 more minutes to complete.


Enjoy baby lobster stuffed with cheese - a delicious seafood dish at the Sen Dai Viet restaurant on Bui Vien Street.

The first impressive thing about the baby lobster stuffed with cheese dish is the freshness of the baby lobster. When enjoying the baby lobster meat, one can feel the firm texture of the baby lobster along with its rich sweetness. The golden cheese layer covering the baby lobster's surface adds a fragrant aroma, and when eaten, it has a chewy, creamy texture. These flavors blend together to create an incredibly enticing dish. If you're in Bui Vien, give the baby lobster a try at Sen Dai Viet restaurant.


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